The Full Story of Why

The Birth and Direction of Rachel Lees Thinks

I was never the typical candidate to join a tech company. I never studied computer science or electrical engineering. I was a fairly good student but never stood out for my intelligence. And, yet, I wound up becoming one of the more successful B2B tech executives in Silicon Valley.

There are no deep secrets to share in order to explain how it all happened. But, as I share details of my own journey it will become clear that most of it is attainable by absorbing a few key lessons - delivered by myself with the strictest of candor.

What Is My Goal?

The goal of my newsletter is to attract more people to a career in tech - for the right reasons. It is to help people get a foot in the door. Once in the door, I’d also like to help them accelerate their careers using effective techniques I have observed or relied upon for more than two decades.

In order to help others, I have an obligation to be truthful and explicit about the field (and industry) that they are entering. Otherwise, it would not make any sense for me to help people get into a profession that is misaligned with their personal and career aspirations.

Thus, I will also be writing articles that speak to the culture, people, and operation of startups. I suspect that many young people will find this newsletter helpful. However, I believe that in due course many mid-career professionals as well as consultants/freelancers will also find RTL (“Rachel Lees Thinks”) as a go-to resource for informative opinions, advice, and stories.

FREE vs. PAID: What’s the Difference?

The very specific jobs and career development and coaching articles will only be available to PAID Subscribers. Additionally, most of the topics that I would consider to be career-oriented (including specific stories, examples, tools, etc.) will be for paid subscribers. Consequently, all of the YaaS (You-as-a-Service) inbound job landing instructions and thought pieces will be exclusively available in the paid version. The main reason is due to the articles taking a lot more of my time to write AND the paid version has the ability to respond to specific comments (i.e., interaction driven).

The FREE subscribers will be able to access a lot of my higher-level opinion articles covering a variety of topics. If you have read my Twitter feed from May-Sep 2019, you can expect to see similar issues covered but in a more long form manner that a newsletter allows.

I will be working on an editorial calendar this week. It should give me a better handle on my own publishing schedule. For now, I think it will be 1-2 Free articles per month and 1-2 Paid articles per week (or more). I have a fairly busy life so I will be blocking out the evening hours each day to produce these articles - as well as some weekends.

More from me later. In the meantime, please spread the word about this newsletter if you have enjoyed my feed on Twitter @rachelees69.